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Pepperoni rolls on the web

Wanted to pass along this post we saw on the web about Pepperoni Rolls. We take them for granted around here, so take a minute to “get schooled”. Stop in and get a couple and you will see why it is one of our favorite items at the shop. And don’t forget our spin off of the Pepperoni roll – Belmontes “Pepperoni Twist” – See photos below for Pepperoni Twists and Rolls.

Link to original article on is here

Pepperoni rolls are to West Virginia as lobster is to Maine. What!? You’ve never heard of pepperoni rolls? A pepperoni roll is delicious soft dough, formed into a little loaf, baked with pepperoni and a little cheese inside.

Pepperoni Rolls Immigrant baker Giuseppe Argiro, who opened the Country Club Bakery in Fairmont, WV, may have been the first person to create the snack perhaps as early as 1927, although others claim it was not until the 1940s. The rolls were said to sustain the mostly-Italian coal miners who needed a portable, filling lunch to eat down in the mines. The Country Club Bakery is still in operation to this day and bakes between 250 and 900 rolls per day.

Senator Jay Rockefeller takes credit for saving the pepperoni roll and many West Virginia bakeries from their demise. In 1987, the USDA wanted to reclassify pepperoni roll bakeries as meat packers. The change would have forced small, family-run bakeries to meet more stringent meat processing sanitation standards, and would have cost bakeries thousands and thousands of dollars. Senator Rockefeller wrote an impassioned letter to the USDA, who eventually relented on the plan.

The pepperoni roll is ubiquitous throughout the Mountain State and you can find them at gas stations, convenience stores and delis. Head to Morgantown on a football Saturday to watch West Virginia University, and you are apt to see tailgating fans splitting open pepperoni rolls and topping them with burgers, hot dogs or chili.